Feb 8, 2007

Great Business Idea!

My OH keeps asking me to come up with a great business idea that will be good for both us to do, make enough money to live on and be something pretty enjoyable to boot. Well it came to me earlier today! It's something that I had been thinking of doing a few years ago when I was still in the UK, but wasn't well enough to think it through properly let alone physically do it.

I'm not going to say anymore about it at the moment just that I will need a fluent French speaking partner to help me and a good accountant!

Watch this space.

Feb 6, 2007

Post Viral illness ....How it began

As I’m still feeling a bit ‘viral’ today with a wheezy cough I thought it was about time I explained how I ended up in France with a post viral illness.

It was during December 2004 that I contracted a virus, a bit like bronchitis. A few weeks off work should have put me right but I was really busy at work and looking for a promotion and time off work wasn’t on my agenda. In addition it just happened to be one of the busiest periods of the year and I had to organise my son’s birthday party, Christmas presents, Christmas dinner and attend a few Christmas functions etc. I also had to work over Christmas and even though I was feeling pretty rough I didn’t want to call in one of my colleagues off their holiday. It was my turn to work over Christmas and I wasn’t going to do it.

Looking back that was a big mistake. I continued to push myself until the first week of January 2005 when still coughing like a barking dog for near to 4 weeks I ended up triggering a spasm in my neck. So not only was I barking like a dog I also looked Quasimodo whilst doing it. I was exhausted. With tears of frustration I went for my 3rd doctors visit. Each time they had told me that I had no chest infection and I didn’t need antibiotics. But I knew I needed something so I demanded them and eventually they gave in and gave me a short course of antibiotics and told me I needed time off to recuperate. Fine, I do anything to shift it and by the end of January I was walking about without wheezing and coughing. Great, the antibiotics worked. The only trouble was I still felt exhausted so I went back to the doc’s and she told me that it could be at least 6 weeks before I was feeling like my old self.

Ok, no big deal. On the positive side I was able to spend more time with my children and I had more time to help my daughter with her reading and spelling. It’s amazing how that extra bit of time helped her and before I knew it she was reading everything. And the kids loved coming straight home after school rather than going to the childminder’s house. Not that they didn’t like her, but it was a novelty having me at home. I still couldn’t do much without feeling exhausted so although the school was only a few minutes walk away the childminder still walked them home for me. The weekly shopping became a major event. I was exhausted walking around the supermarket, putting the groceries in and out of the trolley, packing them, putting them in the car, taking them out of the car, into the house, out of the bags and into the cupboards.

I can’t remember exactly when it all started to go pear shaped but some strange things were happening to me. For instance, the lights in the supermarket always seemed way to bright and I’d feel wobbly in the aisles, I felt like I had a lead weight on the top of my head and that a vice was squeezing my head together, the muscles in my arms started ‘popping’ up and down, my eyes kept twitching, I lost my concentration and had to read simple text several times before I could get the gist of it, I had no short term memory, I couldn’t get my words out let alone think what I wanted to say….. the list went on and on.

I realised that I had some of the symptoms that Mr P had over 15 years ago when he had ME/CFS. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.)

Feb 5, 2007

So what about the exercise DVDs?

Well like I said they are pretty good - but sadly I've got another bug -this time it's 'flu' like and for the last week I've been feeling pretty rough and I'm still barking like a dog.

So I listened closely to the directions given on the DVD's and they both say if you're ill don't exercise. So I haven't.

See, it's not my fault. Maybe next week - that's if I can remember where I put them.

Claire Sweeney and Fern Britton

Although I don't watch English TV anymore two of my favourite day time tv presenters are Claire Sweeney and Fern Britton. Both seem to be 'down to earth' and 'trustworthy'! So I decided to trust them with my body!

Just after the New Year I decided to start my exercise regime for 2007 so I invested in 2 keep fit DVD's. The first one I choose was Every Day Pilates with Fern Britton.

I choose this purely because Fern is a 'normal' woman who hasn't gone out to loose loads of weight and because if she can do it so can I!

The DVD claims:
Pilates has never been so accessible, or so enjoyable, as Lynne Robinson is joined by Fern Britton, the UK’s most popular TV presenter. Lynne has devised three short, balanced workouts for Fern and for you. These can fit into your busy schedule, whether at home or at work, so there are no more excuses! Pilates is a great way to get into shape and stay that way. A smart form of exercise, it uses mind and body to:
  • Increase your flexibility

  • Tone buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulders

  • Achieve a flatter stomach

  • Trim your waist

  • Improve your posture

  • Lower your stress levels

  • Improve circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems

  • Strengthen your immune system

Everyday Pilates is suitable for everyone, regardless of ability level and fitness. Lynne and Fern demonstrate beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for most exercises, so join them for:
An energizing morning workout – to make you feel energized, invigorated and inspired.
A reviving midday workout – toning for legs and arms, perfect to "iron and stretch you out".
A calming evening workout – calming yet challenging workouts to allow the tensions of the day to melt away.
Back to basics – explains the basic principles of Alignment, Breathing and Centering.

The DVD states you must watch it all the way through first, so I did, but I stopped watching what they were doing and I got mesmerised my Fern Britton's grin!

The other DVD is called Claire Sweeney - Perfect Fit With Weight Watchers .
I bought this one because it has an interactive exercise plan that selects the appropriate workout depending on the time you have available, be it ten minutes or an hour. It also includes Weight Watchers nutritional advice that works with the exercise programme.
I really enjoyed this one though like all the other exercise DVD's you have to watch it through first - so I did - and strained a muscle in my neck!

Feb 1, 2007

Double Trouble

Last Sunday our new pooch turned up from the rescue centre. She was called Boo, and looked like a cross between a golden labrador and a beagle. You could say that she was a bit overweight though!

Unfortunately Viko didn't give her the welcome she deserved, and so Boo's first impression of him wasn't good and she never gave him a 2nd chance. A woman's prerogative I guess!

A quarter of his size but a personality twice as big as his, she literally bullied him. He tried to play with her but she didn't want to know. She started growling and snapping at him, and over the few days she was with us, the snarling turned into fighting and it got out of hand.

Eventually I had to split them and knowing their relationship was not going to work I sadly had to return Boo to the rescue centre only 3 days after she had arrived. She's a lovely little dog, well behaved, full of personality and a great companion - just not when Viko was around.

So where do we go from here? Well we're going to try again in a few weeks as we do believe that Viko will make friends with the right dog - he just needs to learn that first impressions do count!

Jan 27, 2007

Gubb makes List Making a List Makers dream!

I love making lists. I have them all over the place, and I have them for everything. I have a ' general to do list', a ' work to do list', 'jobs to do in the house list' and a 'shopping list'. I also have several other lists, all variations of the above. I have so many lists because I always forget where I've put my lists or I've forgotten that I even wrote them in the first place!
And then I found http://www.gubb.net/! The Ultimate List Maker! You can manage your lists and it’s FREE!

Gubb is incredibly easy to use for both personal and professional lists and has a really nice interface. You can manage any number of lists which you can easily retrieve to edit the content and you can also access your lists by email or Text.

It’s great for starting new projects or even organising an event. Not only can you prioritise your lists you can even share your lists with others so you could assign tasks with due dates.
Mmm there's an idea I could assign DIY tasks to OH!

If you want to try out Gubb you can sign up for your free list maker at http://www.gubb.net/.

Jan 25, 2007

Fuel My Blog

If you've got a Blog why not post it on the Great Wall of Blogs at www.fuelmyblog.com .

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